GDC NO 70076

Jayne Roy Adult Orthodontist Specialist

Originally from Oldham, Jayne qualified as a dentist from Edinburgh University in 1994. She held a number of junior and senior hospital jobs and passed her Fellowship in Dental Surgery at the Royal College of Surgeons Glasgow.

Following her qualification as a specialist orthodontist in 2004 in Cardiff, Jayne worked as a private orthodontist in Adelaide, South Australia before returning to the UK in 2005.

She worked in Cardiff as an associate orthodontist, initially for the North Cardiff Orthodontic Centre and since 2016 for embrace and the children’s private orthodontic clinic Crocodile.

Jayne worked in restorative dentistry before taking a particular interest in orthodontics, attracted to the speciality because of the way patients choose treatment to improve their lives in the long term rather than reacting to short term pain and trauma, which other disciplines within dentistry address.

She enjoys seeing dramatic results and part of the job she likes the most is developing relationships with her patients and seeing how their lives change as treatment progresses.

Jayne has three children and loves running and cycling when she’s not at work, as well as the odd night out with the team at embrace.