Lip Fillers

With age our lips become thinner and lose their definition, especially in the v-shaped part of the top lip known as cupid’s bow.

Carefully placed dermal fillers can subtly restore volume, providing the centrepiece of a makeover that gives you a more defined smile again.

Lip fillers can also increase contours and bring clarity to the outline of your lips and, if your lips are asymmetric, gently modify them to adjust proportions.

The treatment is administered via a series of small injections which may cause mild discomfort, as lips are very sensitive, and your experience will be affected by your clinician’s level of skill.

Our facial aesthetics expert Sarah is a general dental surgeon who was trained in facial injections from the beginning of her career. She has also completed further training in facial aesthetics and is a registered Aesthetic Complications Expert (ACE) and a member of the Welsh Aesthetic & Cosmetic Society (WACS).

30 minutes
same day
topical cream
up to 1 week
6 months
up to 1 week

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  • The Cupid’s bow, the v-shaped part of the top lip, can be given extra definition.
  • The lip outline, known as the vermilion border, can be treated to improve lip definition and width.
  • The fleshy parts of the upper and lower lips can be augmented for a fuller pout.
  • The lines beginning from the corners of the mouth, known as oral commissures, which can convey tiredness and sadness, can be softened.
  • Marionette lines, which extend further downwards from the corner of the lips, can be softened.
  • The two lines that run from the sides of the nose to the corners of the mouth, known as nasolabial folds, can be softened.
  • The two philtrum ridges, running from the middle of nose to the middle of the upper lip, can be given more definition.
  • The fine vertical lines above the upper lip, known as perioral lines, can be softened.

[toggle title=”Are lip fillers painful?”]

You may feel some mild discomfort but the treatment is quick. We apply anaesthetic cream about an hour before the procedure to numb the lips and there is also anaesthetic in the injectable product. Immediately afterwards you may experience small pinpricks for a few hours.

[toggle title=”How long do the effects last?”]

About six months.

[toggle title=”When can I see the results?”]

Your lips might become a little swollen but this should clear up on its own within a week. You can apply make-up immediately.

[toggle title=”Is it safe?”]

Hyaluronic acid, the active ingredient in lip fillers, is a safe natural substance found in the body. Like other non-surgical facial aesthetic treatments provided at REJUVENATE@embrace, lip fillers are not permanent. Over time, as your mouth moves for eating and talking, the hyaluronic acid is broken up and disperses safely into your body.

[toggle title=”How does it work?”]

We use hyaluronic acid products which are designed for smooth integration into the delicate lip tissue. Hyaluronic acid attracts water and plumps up the tissue beneath the skin’s surface, giving it skin elasticity and volume.

[toggle title=”What are the side-effects?”]
There may be mild redness of the skin and swelling, but this should settle on its own and bruising is unusual. You can minimise the risk of bruising by avoiding Aspirin and Ibuprofen for a week before the procedure and two days after it. Also avoid Vitamin E and St John’s Wort for three days before and after the treatment, and abstain from exercise except for walking for 24 hours after the procedure.

[toggle title=”Can I have top-ups?”]

Yes, it is safe to use this product repeatedly to keep looking your best. Your clinician will advise you on the appropriate intervals.

[toggle title=”Can I get lip fillers if I’m pregnant?”]

No, hyaluronic acid has not been tested for safety in pregnancy or breastfeeding women.


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