Long Term Oral Health

Straight teeth are the foundation for good oral health because they are easier to clean and make decay, gum disease and tooth loss far less likely.

Crooked teeth can wear down enamel and lead to jaw pain, headaches and difficulty eating. But perhaps the most obvious drawback is they can really affect your self-confidence, making it difficult to smile.

It’s tempting to think instant treatments will always get you the result you want but ‘makeover’ treatments are unlikely to last and simply don’t produce the same high-quality outcome.

Treatment from a specialist orthodontist is the best way to get a straight, natural smile that lasts a lifetime because it starts with a proper analysis of the issues in your mouth.

In contrast to non-specialist practitioners who are becoming responsible for more and more complaints and claims involving orthodontics, Embrace will always deliver the best clinical outcome possible for your mouth because we work according to evidence-based practice.

Our specialist orthodontists keep up to date with all the developments in every brand of treatment and are only prepared to provide treatments they know have been proven to work.

Most importantly, they will design your treatment with your long term health in mind. That means leaving you with stable as well as beautiful teeth so you won’t have to go through more orthodontic treatment in the future.

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