Adult Ceramic Braces

Modern fixed braces are smaller and less noticeable than the devices most adults remember, especially when ceramic is used rather than traditional stainless steel for an even more discreet look.

Ceramic braces use clear square brackets cemented to the teeth to hold a wire that exerts pressure on them. The main difference with traditional braces is that now clear or tooth-coloured brackets can be used to make the appliance far more discreet. The wire running across the teeth can now also be coated white, making ceramic braces even less obvious.

Some brackets have tiny elastic bands called ligatures that hold the wire and with ceramic braces the ligatures are also white or clear, and they are changed each time the braces are adjusted so they don’t become stained.

Self-ligating braces — which are also available in clear or tooth-coloured ceramic — don’t require ligatures because the wire is fed directly through the brackets, which often reduces treatment time and discomfort.

Fixed braces apply continuous pressure over 18 to 24 months to slowly move teeth in a specific direction and, as the teeth move, the jawbone accommodates the new position of the roots. Our specialist orthodontists will closely monitor you over the course of your treatment and after it has finished to ensure your teeth are being moved correctly and remain in a stable position.

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