Why Have Orthodontics?

The aim of orthodontic treatment is to leave you with straight teeth that look good and function properly, with all the long term benefits this provides to your dental health.

Braces gently move teeth to resolve obvious dental problems by correcting the bite and they also help reduce gum disease and tooth decay, because it is easier to clean and maintain straight teeth.

A significant proportion of the population suffer from malocclusion, the technical term for when the teeth and jaw don’t fit together, and malocclusion affects the rate of wear on your teeth. About a third of children have a demonstrable need of orthodontic treatment, but malocclusion can be corrected at any age, so it’s never too late for adults.

We can use comprehensive orthodontic treatment to adjust both your upper and lower sets of teeth until they are perfectly aligned, fit together (occlude) properly, and are left in the most stable position.

If your teeth already function well but you feel you can still benefit from minor adjustments to improve the appearance of your teeth — this is simple orthodontic treatment.

Adult treatment is growing rapidly, largely because of its role in improving self-confidence in patients who are unhappy with their appearance. If you are reluctant to talk or smile in public without hiding your teeth, you may benefit from orthodontic correction.

Braces can also help you if you have difficulty chewing food or have crooked, crowded or protruding teeth, gaps, an overbite, or an open bite where some teeth cannot be brought into contact.

At Embrace, because we are specialists, we also welcome patients who have had previous orthodontic treatment that, for whatever reason, has failed. If you lost patience and couldn’t wear your retainer as often as necessary, don’t worry, book a consultation with one of our specialist orthodontists and we will stabilise your teeth before further damage can occur.


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