Congratulations on finishing your treatment you will now be wearing your retainers.

Please watch the video provided on this page for guidance on how to fit your retainers.

All patients have to wear retainers after fixed appliance therapy as they are very important in allowing your bone to heal around the roots of your teeth to maintain them in their new position.

Your retainers will feel strange at first and you may notice slight changes in your speech for the first day or two. Don’t worry, any slight speech difficulties or tenderness of the teeth will settle down.

If you are having any problems with your retainers, it is important to contact us as soon as possible as your teeth may move.

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The retainers must be worn ALL OF THE TIME until your orthodontist advises otherwise. Please bring them to EVERY review appointment as they need to be checked as well as your teeth. Only remove them for eating, cleaning, contact sports or swimming.


Take your retainers out for eating and store them in a safe container,  DON ‘T wrap them in a tissue to get cleared away with the rubbish. If possible rinse your retainers and put them straight back in your mouth.


Your retainers should be thoroughly cleaned in COOL water (hot water will distort them). You can use a toothbrush and toothpaste but if this is not possible then rinse them well under running water. If the retainers start to look stained, you can freshen them up by soaking in Milton fluid.


During swimming or contact sports e.g. boxing or rugby, the retainers should be removed but must be stored in a safe container and replaced in your mouth as soon as the sport is completed.  Do not keep them loose in your pocket.


It is necessary to see patients every 3-4 months during retention, which is usually for 12 months.


If retainers need to be replaced due to no fault of the orthodontist e.g. lost, broken, not fitting due to irregular wear, a CHARGE OF £70.00 WILL INCUR FOR EACH REPLACEMENT.

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