Our Adult Orthodontic Practice

Up until about 20 years ago the majority of braces were provided for children and young adults. Now it’s something that encompasses all age groups. more and more adults are realising what’s achievable. They are choosing to correct something that’s been a problem for them for a very long time.

We wanted to create a place for adults that would provide them with the full range of treatment options and in a calm environment.

Orthodontic treatment is incredibly powerful. It has the ability to change lives for the better because of the health and cosmetic gains on offer. Just look at how some of our patients are feeling in our embrace testimonial videos.

Our real passion is educating our patients. We provide our patients with the necessary information so they can be 100% sure that their problems have been diagnosed correctly. We have plenty of time for you, from your initial assessment and all through your treatment.

We can guarantee that your long term dental health is safe with us. Unfortunately that isn’t always the case with dentists who offer a single brand of orthodontic treatment.

The concern arises when people are told a popular brand can give them an ideal orthodontic outcome, when they may need comprehensive treatment.

That can be dangerous because their teeth and functionality may not be assessed properly. This can have detrimental effects for the patient later on as they progress through life.

We love making a difference to our patient’s lives and that’s why the team at embrace enjoys coming to work — we genuinely feel lucky to do this and we hope that comes across when we treat you.

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