Adult Metal Fixed Braces

There is no longer a stigma around wearing fixed braces.

no matter the type of brace – wear them with pride.

Metal braces are a brilliant alternative to clear fixed braces. Iconix aesthetic braces have become extremely popular with our patients, they deliver the same end result as clear fixed braces, but are more discreet than the traditional silver brackets.

Metal fixed braces produce predictably perfect results when used by a specialist orthodontist. They treat a range of problems and are a cost effective way to achieving a beautiful smile.

How do fixed braces move your teeth?

Fixed braces apply continuous pressure over 9 -18 months to slowly move teeth in a specific direction. During your treatment you will attend for adjustment appointments approximately every 8 weeks where Our specialist orthodontists will closely monitor you to ensure your teeth are being moved correctly. On completion of orthodontic treatment, our specialists will continue to monitor you every 3 months for a further year to ensure your teeth remain in a stable position.

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