Adult Orthodontic Fees & Offers

If you are considering orthodontic treatment, the most important thing you can do is to make sure you get it right first time.

We often treat patients who have had failed treatment elsewhere and anyone who has experienced that would always choose a specialist orthodontist first time around given a second chance.

Embrace is designed to give you the best possible chance of getting it right first time meaning enjoying beautiful, straight teeth for the rest of your life.

During your assessment and consultation your specialist orthodontist will discuss all the treatments available. Our specialist orthodontists use the full range of orthodontic systems and they will make a recommendation based on what serves the best clinical outcome in your case.

Consultation - this includes X-rays, study models, diagnosis and treatment planning over 2 visits.


Treatment cost

Upper & Lower Fixed appliances – with a choice of stainless steel or gold brackets.

Payment covers:
·         All orthodontic materials.
·         Appliances.
·         Scheduled appointments including                      emergency appointments.
·         One set of vacuform retainers
·         12 months of monitored retention.


Single arch fixed appliances – Upper OR lower fixed appliances with a choice of stainless steel or gold brackets.

From £1800

Upper removable appliance – URA if required alongside fixed appliance treatment.


Quadhelix / TPA appliance – if required alongside fixed appliance treatment.


Optional extras / charges

Upper & Lower Ceramic brackets – clear fixed appliances.


Single Arch Ceramic brackets – Upper OR lower clear fixed appliance.


Bonded retainer (each) – Inclusive of new removable retainer if required. Fee payable on completion of active treatment.


Invisalign Treatment cost

Invisalign treatmentclear removable aligners 

From £1800

Other Services

Specialist Periodontal consultation - assessment and and diagnosis of gum health


Specialist periodontal treatment - 1 hour session





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